Wolf Edge: Young Males Addiction Treatment Program in Virginia

At Life Center of Galax, we help young men struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

What Is Wolf Edge?

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The transition from adolescence to early adulthood can be a difficult time for many young men. For those who have a history of substance abuse or certain mental health disorders, or who have struggled to develop appropriate coping skills, this experience can be particularly challenging. If not properly addressed, the obstacles that prevent young men from making this transition in a healthy and productive manner can have negative effects that may be felt for years, if not decades.

For this reason, Life Center of Galax, in Virginia, is proud to have created Wolf’s Edge, an innovative residential program for young adult men ages 18 to 26. Wolf’s Edge is an optimal environment for young adult men to develop the healthy life skills that will form the foundation of a successful and satisfying adulthood.

Personalized Care with Practical Results

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In Wolf’s Edge, young adult men work in close collaboration with a team of dedicated professionals as they progress through a personalized rehab plan. Led by a primary counselor, each treatment team features an array of professionals of varied backgrounds and expertise to ensure that each young man who heals with us has the physical, psychological, and spiritual care that he needs in order to overcome the obstacles that have prevented him from achieving his greatest potential.

In addition to offering a robust program of chemical dependency education and relapse prevention, Wolf’s Edge places significant emphasis on helping young men gain real-life experiences and develop essential, practical skills.

The Wolf’s Edge program provides a unique opportunity through education, modeling, healthy confrontation, and productive recreation to help each participant address personal challenges and develop accountability. The following are just a few examples of the many benefits that young adult men can realize through their participation in Wolf’s Edge at Life Center of Galax in Virginia:

  • Positive sense of self
  • Greater impulse control
  • Improved decision making skills
  • Development of a moral system of beliefs
  • Enhanced personal connectedness
  • Better family Interaction
  • Greater sense of identity in the world

Throughout a young man’s time in Wolf’s Edge, the members of his treatment team will work to maximize his strengths and remedy his areas of need, all as part of a comprehensive effort to help him develop the responsibility, accountability, and overall maturity that will serve him well throughout his adult life.

Areas of Focus

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The Wolf’s Edge program utilizes the multi-dimensional criteria that have been developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) to treat men ages 18-26 that have an addiction and co-occurring disorders.

While applying these criteria, we focus our efforts on the following four core elements:

  • Self — We help young men look inward and evaluate how they view their place in the world around them. We target specific behaviors, emotions, and feelings such as anger, isolation, resentment, and impulsivity, and attempt to remedy their propensity for self-destruction by challenging irrational thoughts that they may have about themselves.
  • Change – Chemical dependency education is addressed on a daily basis throughout a young man’s time in Wolf’s Edge. We specifically address participants’ past history of chronically failed rehab attempts, how denial and resistance to treatment have impacted their lives, and we help them to make the holistic changes that will support their successful pursuit of long-term recovery.
  • Relapse prevention – One of the fundamental objectives of rehab is to prevent future relapse. We place great emphasis on relapse prevention and address this topic in many forms. Every patient is provided with a relapse prevention plan, and we work on relevant topics such as triggers and cravings, spirituality, relapse education, and healthy recreation and leisure on a daily basis.
  • Recovery environment – From the day a young man enters Wolf’s Edge, we look at what may inhibit continued, healthy recovery when he discharges from our rehab program. Depending upon each young man’s specific situation, our discharge planning may address formal counseling, AA/NA or other 12-step support, the safety of current recovery environment, sober living placements, legal involvement, family relationships, education, employment, and peer support.

Program Features

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Given the program’s focus on providing personalized care that addresses the unique needs of each participant, the specific programming that is included during any individual’s time in Wolf’s Edge may vary considerably depending upon his personal history and future goals.

However, certain foundational elements, including but not limited to the following, are likely to be featured in most young men’s experiences at our addiction rehab center and in the Wolf’s Edge program:

  • Stabilization and medical needs managed by medical director, with 24-hour assistance RN/LPN nursing staff
  • Psychiatric consultation and evaluations by certified psychiatrist (as needed)
  • Dual-diagnosis education
  • Morning spiritual 12-step based reflections
  • Community groups to give a voice to and celebrate those completing treatment
  • Home group therapies and individual sessions with Primary Counselor
  • Daily lectures
  • Rotating tracks on specific key recovery issues (including, but not limited to Relapse Process, Triggers and Cravings, Family and Addiction, Grandiosity, Anger, and Change)
  • Recovery Rhythms (therapeutic drumming)
  • Recreation both on and off campus
  • Artistic therapies such as oil painting and spiritual crafts
  • Evening men’s groups to target specific issues
  • AA/NA introduction and participation
  • Nightly wind-down groups to reflect on the day and improve group unity and support

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