Methadone Maintenance Program in Virginia

At Life Center of Galax, we help individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

What Is Methadone Maintenance?

For men and women who have been struggling to overcome an addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers, or other opioids, medication assisted treatment that incorporates methadone can be an ideal solution.

Methadone is a synthetic medication that interacts with the same parts of the central nervous system that are affected by opioids, but without causing the disorientation or other effects that result from opioid abuse. Thus, a person who takes methadone can get through the day without abusing opioids and also without experiencing the intense cravings and other distressing effects of opioid withdrawal.

While taking methadone as part of an approved medication assisted treatment program, a person can drive a car, work, attend school, and otherwise participate in a healthy and productive life.

Who Can Receive Methadone at Life Center of Galax?

In order to receive methadone as part of treatment for opioid addiction at Life Center of Galax, prospective patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Adult (age 18 or above)
  • Have been addicted to an opioid for at least 12 months
  • Can provide proof of ability to pay for treatment

Also, since individuals who participate in long-term maintenance programs using methadone will need to visit the treatment center every day to receive their dose of this medication, it is essential that they have access to reliable transportation.

How the Methadone Program Works at Life Center of Galax?

At Life Center of Galax, we can prescribe methadone to individuals who are completing detox for opioid addiction. These men and women can continue to receive methadone while they are in residential treatment with us.

When a person who is receiving methadone has completed his or her time in treatment at Life Center of Galax, we can refer the individual to a center in his or her community where he or she can continue on a medication assisted methadone maintenance program.

How Long Does Methadone Treatment Last?

As is the case with all levels and types of care at Life Center of Galax, your medication assisted treatment experience will be customized according to your specific strengths, needs, and goals. As discussed in greater detail in the answer to the next question, decades of research have documented that methadone, when used as directed within an approved program, can be safe and effective for long-term use.

Some people continue to take methadone for many years, while others begin to taper off once they have established a solid foothold in recovery. At Life Center of Galax, you will work with members of your treatment team to determine the plan that is best for you.

Is Methadone Safe?

Methadone has been used in medication assisted treatment programs for more than 50 years. In that time, its use has been closely monitored and carefully studied, and has proved to be safe and effective for both short and long-term use.

Of course, as is the case with virtually every type of medication, methadone can be dangerous if it is abused. For this reason, all licensed medication assisted treatment programs that use methadone provide patients with detailed instructions and continued oversight.

When methadone is used as directed under the supervision of a qualified professional as part of an approved medication assisted treatment program, it is safe and beneficial.

Can Pregnant Women Take Methadone?

Yes, methadone is safe for pregnant women, as long as certain precautions are taken. Our medication assisted treatment professionals have experience working with pregnant women and can provide care that promotes recovery and protects the health of both mother and child.

How Much Does Methadone Cost?

While you are in detox and residential care at Life Center of Galax, your methadone will be incorporated into your total cost of treatment. Once you transition out of our care and enter the maintenance phase of your recovery, the cost will be determined by the program that you select.

At the center to which we refer individuals who live in Galax, participants typically pay about $13 or $14 dollars per dose of methadone. This cost also includes access to therapy groups and individual counseling sessions. For individuals who live in other communities, we will work with each person to locate a medication assisted treatment program in their area that meets their needs.

Also, please note that some insurers will pay for methadone maintenance. Again, our advisors are happy to work with each patient and his or her family to help navigate all insurance-related matters and ensure that each person receives the insurance benefits to which he or she is entitled.

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