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Life Center of Galax helps individuals struggling with benzo abuse build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in Virginia, Life Center of Galax will help you start your recovery journey with detoxification and transition to residential rehabilitation.

Understanding Benzo Withdrawal

What happens during benzo withdrawal

Benzodiazepines, or benzos, consist of a large class of depressant drugs that are used to treat many types of psychiatric disorders, and have been shown to be especially effective in addressing symptoms of anxiety. Given their sedative properties, benzos have a calming effect as they target the central nervous system. And if used correctly, under the guidance of the prescribing physician, they can be useful in quelling the discomfort of problems relating to sleep, stress, and panic disorders.

However, with long-term use, benzo users are at risk of developing a chemical dependence on these drugs because they can be highly addictive. When this happens, the men and women who have become benzo dependent may be unable to stop using the drug without the support of a rehab program. And to truly benefit from either inpatient, residential program, or outpatient services, one must first clear his or her mind and body of substances of abuse. Without first achieving sobriety, it will be virtually impossible to progress to next steps in benzo rehab successfully.

As stated above, one of the first and most critical steps to heal from a benzo addiction is to enter a benzo addiction treatment center in a sober state. However, this can be extremely difficult to achieve due to the fact that when a person abruptly ends his or her benzo use, the onset of painful withdrawal symptoms is difficult to endure. Many attempting to progress through withdrawal on their own wind up using benzos or other illicit substances again because they will temporarily relieve the extreme discomfort of withdrawal. These symptoms will typically set in within 24 hours of last benzo use, and may include the following:
  • Irritable mood
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Muscle pain and stiffness
  • Anxiety and tension
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Seizures
  • Psychotic reactions such as hallucinations

Because the above physiological symptoms can be severe, many individuals are unable to cease their benzo use without professional help at a reputable addiction treatment center. Multiple failed attempts at withdrawal can be dangerous because this defeating experience can serve to exacerbate one’s chemical dependence, making sobriety seem all the more out of reach. Fortunately, addiction treatment centers with supervised detox programs can help individuals rid their bodies of benzos without the negative withdrawal symptoms that can stand in the way of recovery.

Benzo Detox

The importance of benzo detox

A detox program at a quality benzo treatment center can make all the difference in one’s ability to achieve sobriety during the early stages of recovery. These supervised programs provide a multitude of supports that are designed to allow a person to rid their body of harmful substances in safety and comfort. A few of these supports are briefly described in the following:

  • Patients are afforded 24/7 monitoring by medical staff to monitor their health and safety as they progress through detox.
  • Detox staff such as doctors, nurses, and counselors are trained professionals who have experience with the many facets of chemical dependence, and the physiological concerns that may arise during detox.
  • Medications may be prescribed to help alleviate some of the discomfort that goes along with withdrawal from benzos.
  • Detox centers take every precaution to ensure that they can provide an environment that is free from substances of abuse, making the risk of relapse during detox nearly impossible.

Benefits of Benzo Detox

Benefits of detoxing from benzo at Life Center of Galax in Virginia

When one is still under the influence of benzos, one cannot truly engage with an addiction treatment program, and the hope for success is limited. Our supervised detox program allows the men and women of Virginia who have struggled with a benzo addiction jumpstart their healing journey by allowing them to cleanse their minds and bodies of substance of abuse. Having successfully completed a detox program, one will be prepared to progress to next steps of care with a strong foundation.

Often, an addiction to benzos and other drugs can result in feelings of failure, and a sense of hopelessness that lasting recovery is even an option. But by achieving sobriety in detox, individuals can be empowered by the knowledge that they can function without benzos, and that they are capable of achieving sobriety even if they have faltered in the past.

Detox staff will assist patients in creating a pathway to additional supports that will create a seamless transition between the detox program and either residential care or outpatient services, whichever are most appropriate for each individual. In this way, patients can transition to the next phase of their treatment program without interruption.

An addiction to prescription drugs such as benzos can take its toll on all aspects of an individual’s life, and at the same time can result in feelings of isolation. But thankfully, men and women in Virginia suffering from a benzo addiction are not alone, and a treatment center like Galax Recovery is here to help. Our customized treatment planning, in addition to our supervised detox programming, can help you or a loved one stay the course for sustained sobriety. To learn more about options for care at Life Center of Galax in Virginia, we hope that you will contact us today.

I was so addicted to benzos, I believed I would never quit. Quitting didn't seem possible until I entered into treatment at Galax. Their supporting staff helped me see a better version of myself without benzos.

– Connor
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