Drug & Alcohol Detox Center in Virginia

Life Center of Galax helps individuals struggling with drug & alcohol addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in Virginia, Life Center of Galax will help you start your recovery journey with detoxification and transition to residential rehabilitation.

Why Detox?

The importance of drug & alcohol detox

When individuals are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, that addiction can rapidly begin to consume all aspects of their lives. Their abilities to perform appropriately at work can deteriorate, placing their careers in jeopardy. Their relationships can become damaged as the acquisition and use of their substances of choice becomes their main priority. Their mental and physical health may also be placed in peril as their use of the substances begins to taint their minds and their bodies.

The longer that any type of substance is abused, the more likely it is that the person will develop a tolerance to the substance. This means that the person has become so accustomed to having the substance present in his or her system, that he or she must ingest more of it in order to achieve the effects that are desired. Following this tolerance can be the onset of physical dependence. A physical dependency exists when a person’s body has come to rely on the substance in order to continue functioning. Once this type of chemical dependency has formed, and a person suddenly attempts to stop using the substance, his or her body will go into a state of shock as it attempts to readjust to functioning without the presence of the drug. This is known as a period of withdrawal and can elicit numerous uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful symptoms. One way in which these symptoms can be immediately put to rest is by reintroducing the substance into the person’s system. This is one of the many reasons why it can be so difficult for an addiction of any kind to be overcome.

Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Detox

Benefits of detoxing from drugs & alcohol at Life Center of Galax in Virginia

By receiving drug detoxification services, individuals are afforded the opportunity to safely manage these withdrawal symptoms without experiencing severe discomfort. Detoxification, or detox for short, refers to the physiological process of having toxic substances removed from the body. When detox services are offered at an addiction treatment center, individuals can experience the following benefits:

  • The detox process will be medically monitored so as to ensure the comfort and safety of the individuals receiving the service.
  • Certain medications may be administered in order to assist in alleviating some of the discomfort associated with substance abuse
  • The harmful effects that drugs or alcohol can have on the body will be reduced as the substance is removed from the person’s system.
  • Individuals in detox are sheltered from having access to obtaining more of their substance of choice.
  • Various staff members are on hand 24/7 at the treatment center to provide ongoing encouragement and support as individuals work through their cravings and complete the detoxification process.

Once the process of drug detoxification is complete, individuals will have achieved the clarity of mind necessary for allowing them to appropriately engage in various therapeutic interventions that are designed to elicit lasting recovery.

When individuals opt to not receive detox, they are placing themselves at risk for remaining in the seemingly endless cycle of substance abuse. Even when people have a strong desire to put an end to their addictions, the devastation and distress that results from undergoing the withdrawal process can be enough to force even the strongest of people back into the abuse of substances.

At Life Center of Galax here in Virginia, we recognize how incredibly challenging it is to overcome an addiction to any type of substance. We also recognize the strength that it takes to admit that a problem exists and to enter a treatment center. For this reason, we have devised specialized programming options that are offered in an environment where all individuals are given the respect and dignity that they deserve. Through the implementation of individualized treatment plans, everyone who comes to Life Center of Galax will receive the customized care they deserve in a safe and comfortable environment that is truly conducive to healing.

If you or someone you care for is in need of treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, let the compassionate staff at Life Center of Galax in Virginia provide you or your loved one with the comprehensive care that can allow you or the person you care for to successfully overcome the addiction and move forward towards a brighter, happier, and more fulfilling future.

My life had been overrun by my addiction. The Life Center of Galax taught me that recovery was possible, through hard work and dedication, and I am capable of living a life free of addiction.

– Matthew
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