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Life Center of Galax helps individuals struggling with codeine abuse build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Virginia, Galax is the leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

Learn More About Codeine Abuse Recovery

Learn more about codeine abuse recovery at Life Center of Galax

Codeine is a relatively mild opiate that is primarily used to relieve pain, to reduce coughing, and to combat severe diarrhea. It is the most widely used opiate in Virginia and in the world, and has been included on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines. In the United States, codeine is classified by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a Schedule II narcotic, a category that includes drugs that have been determined to have a high potential for abuse and that can cause severe psychological or physical dependence.

Though it can be derived from natural sources (opium poppies), most pharmaceutical-grade codeine is produced via semi-synthetic process. Medications containing codeine can come in tablet, capsule, or liquid form. Contabflu, Tylenol with Codeine #3, Phenflu CD, Calcidrine, Soma Compound with Codeine, No-Tux SS and Poly-Tussin are among the dozens of brand-name medications that contain codeine

When taken, codeine will cause slight euphoria, drowsiness and possibly constipation and/or itchiness. When abused, the effects – especially the euphoria and sleepiness – can be magnified significantly.

Because codeine has so many legitimate medical uses, it is difficult to keep the drug out of the hands of those who wish to use it for unapproved recreational purposes. The abuse of cough syrup (including brands that do and do not contain codeine) is unfortunately popular among adolescents and young adults – but as is the case with virtually all forms of substance abuse, codeine abuse is not limited to any single demographic group.

Because codeine can quickly become habit-forming, it is important that anyone who has been abusing the drug gets help to end his or her dependence from a reputable addiction treatment center. Codeine abuse is often accompanied by the abuse of other drugs (often alcohol), which can magnify both the effect and the danger. Residential rehab programs, such as those offered at Life Center of Galax, can be particularly effective.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a loved one or family member get codeine abuse treatment

The abuse of substances such as codeine can be isolating, secretive experiences. Yet the negative effects of this behavior can extend to friends, family members, and colleagues — and even, depending upon the person who has been engaging in the abuse, schools, companies and communities. Unfortunately, many people retain the misconception that a person has to “hit bottom” and decide to get treatment for him/herself. In truth, friends and family members can play important roles in getting addicted loved ones into addiction rehab. The following are a few tips for accomplishing that objective:

  • Be honest with both yourself and your loved one. Substance abuse and addiction are built on foundations of lies and deceptions. Being truthful about the scope of the problem, and acknowledging that no quick fix exists, are essential initial steps.
  • Be calm and rational. Substance abuse and addiction are emotional experiences, both for the addicted individual and those who care about or depend upon him or her. Shame, guilt, anger, and related emotions are common – but accusations or insults will not help solve the problem. Approach this effort with the understanding that you need to be calm and focused, even when your loved one’s disease robs him or her of the ability to do the same.
  • Be inquisitive and informed. Learn as much as you can about the disease of addiction, the effects of codeine that your loved one has been abusing, and the rehab options that are available. Saying “you need to get help” is too vague and general – but when you can point to treatment options at reputable addiction treatment centers that meet your loved one’s specific needs, the conversation can become much more productive.
  • Be present and reliable. It’s not uncommon for addicts to push those who love and care about them away. It’s also not uncommon for addicts to make promises that they are incapable or unwilling to fulfill. By retaining a reliable presence in your loved one’s life, you can be a source of both support and accountability.
  • Be there for the long haul. Addiction recovery is not a short-term process. Residential rehab can help an addict make remarkable progress, but the true test is whether or not that progress can be sustained. When your loved one returns from treatment, it’s imperative that he or she has a strong support network in place. Plan to be an active part of that network.

Why Consider Us?

Why consider codeine abuse treatment at Life Center of Galax in Virginia

To those who do not understand the true devastation of codeine addiction, the abuse of cough syrup or other prescription medications might sound like a relatively minor problem that pales in comparison to the ravages of heroin, cocaine, or even alcohol abuse. This belief, of course, is patently and demonstrably false. Abusing and becoming addicted to codeine can be stunningly destructive to a person’s physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing. With effects that range from confusion and disorientation to heart problems, seizures, and even death, codeine abuse can literally be a life-threatening experience. And by its very nature, the disease of addiction means that people will be powerless to stop their self-defeating behaviors even after they have experienced negative consequences. Thus, their health will continue to deteriorate, as will their ability to meet their personal, social, and professional obligations. To make matters worse, codeine’s status as a Schedule II controlled substance, in Virginia, also means that abusing the drug puts a person in jeopardy of facing legal charges and possible incarceration.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of codeine abuse treatment offered at Life Center of Galax

When looking for codeine addiction treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “rehab centers near me?” In Virginia, there is one clear choice. Life Center of Galax is a licensed, accredited, and highly-respected private rehab program that has been providing life-changing care to the men and women Virginia for more than 40 years. The program, which is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationally accredited by the Joint Commission, offers beneficial treatment options for individuals who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Rehab at Life Center of Galax is a comprehensive and holistic experience that addresses the patient’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. The goal of the Life Center’s treatment teams is not merely to alleviate Codeine addiction symptoms, but to identify and help the patient overcome the underlying issues that have been preventing him or her from living a drug-free life. For example, in addition to providing detox and residential care for a patient’s codeine addiction, Life Center staff will develop a rehab plan that also provides all necessary interventions for co-occurring disorders such as mental health problems, behavioral concerns, and other issues that have either contributed to or have been exacerbated by the patient’s codeine abuse.

The following are among the various treatment methods included in the adult addiction residential treatment program at our addiction treatment center:

Medical detoxificationLife Center of Galax offers sub-acute medical detoxification services for patients who are in need of a safe and effective way to withdraw from any substances that may be present in their bodies, including codeine. This medical detox occurs under the supervision of an ASAM-certified medical director and registered nurses are on staff and available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medication management: Patients who are referred by our medical director or therapist for psychiatric assessment and rehab may also receive medication management services when deemed clinically appropriate. Medication is managed by nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants, under the direction and supervision of our psychiatrist. Those receiving medication management services will likely receive additional support through our counselor-led co-occurring disorder groups each week.

Individual therapy: Life Center patients participate in individual therapy sessions as deemed necessary by the clinical and medical teams. These sessions occur in a confidential, one-to-one setting and give patients the opportunity to discuss their progress (or setbacks) in treatment, address any concerns they have about the treatment process, and address any issues or emotions that have arisen during the course of treatment.

Group therapy: Group therapy is cornerstone to the therapeutic process at Life Center of Galax. The adult addiction residential rehab program features a variety of group therapy opportunities, which provide structured and supervised environments in which patients can interact with, learn from, and share personal experiences with others who are dealing with similar struggles. The types of groups offered may include the following:

  • Daily Reflections
  • Start Up Group
  • Community Group
  • Home Group
  • Lectures (didactic presentations on various aspects of addiction)
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Group
  • Relapse Group
  • Men’s and Women’s Recovery Groups

Family workshops: Family members can be integral parts of successful long-term recovery. To support family members as they both work through their own issues and prepare to support their loved one, Life Center holds family workshops every weekend. These workshops include a variety of educational and therapeutic opportunities related to the impact of substance use on the entire family, including lectures, group sessions, and individual counseling.

Additionally, our addiction rehab center offers the following innovative services that can be incorporated into a patient’s programming during his or her time in treatment. Each individual’s participation in these services is based on his or her unique, individualized needs and is designed to be a beneficial component to the holistic care we offer. These services include the following:

Comprehensive opiate recovery: Individuals who are dealing with codeine abuse or addiction may participate in our opiate addiction program, which can take them from detox to abstinence and then into a medication-managed recovery program using methadone, buprenorphine, or Vivitrol.

Spirituality-based treatment: To meet the needs of patients who desire a strong spiritual component in their recovery, our rehab center offers both the Prodigal Program and the Mind-Body-Spirit Group. The Prodigal Program is a Christian-focused experience that incorporates Biblical principles into treatment. The Mind-Body-Spirit group is a nondenominational experience that focuses on spiritual elements within the 12-step recovery model.

Co-occurring disorder service: This service was created to provide specialized assistance to individuals who are simultaneously battling substance abuse concerns and co-existing psychiatric problems. When a patient’s mental health has been identified as negatively interfering with his or her ability to be successful in recovery, this service will provide him or her with additional counseling, specialized group sessions, educational opportunities, and workbook activities that are designed to enhance his or her ability to cope with the presence of a co-occurring disorder.

DUI/DWI service: Individuals in Virginia who are facing legal charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol or another drug may benefit from our DUI/DWI service, which features comprehensive medical and psychological assessments; education on the disease of addiction, counseling (both individual and group), and an introduction to the 12-step recovery model. Also, with the patient’s permission, we can provide documentation of program completion to counselors, attorneys, and the court system, as deemed appropriate or if requested.

Chronic relapse prevention service: When a patient has engaged in one or more prior rehab experience, he or she may be referred to this intensive programming option, of which incorporates educational lectures, journaling exercises, additional group sessions, and workbook activities. These interventions are designed to help prevent future relapse.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of codeine abuse treatment

Galax is your choice for codeine addiction treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best rehab near me? At Life Center of Galax, we know that residential rehab is just the first step on the path of lifelong recovery. In order to ensure that all patients are prepared to build upon their progress when they complete treatment at our center, we place a strong emphasis on continuing care.

Discharge planning begins with the meeting that a patient has with his or her primary counselor and is then finalized at least three days prior to his or her discharge.

For patients, in Virginia, who have completed residential programming and are ready to return home, yet would benefit from the intensive structure of a day-long therapeutic program, Life Center of Galax offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP). The services and groups that patients engage in during PHP are determined on an as-needed basis and are outlined in each patient’s individualized treatment plan. Patients taking part in PHP have the option of returning home at night or of residing in the onsite housing provided by Life Center.

From the moment a patient walks through our doors for the first time, the goal of our addiction rehab center is to be a source of lasting and positive change and to provide the comprehensive care and compassionate support that will allow struggling individuals to overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from achieving long-term recovery and living happier and healthier lives.

I was at Galax three years ago for abusing codeine. The support and compassion I received were remarkable.

– Isaac
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