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Life Center of Galax helps individuals struggling with oxycodone abuse build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Virginia, Galax is the leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

Learn More About Oxycodone Abuse Recovery

Learn more about oxycodone abuse recovery at Life Center of Galax

Prescription medication abuse is a dangerous pattern of self-destruction that can leave a trail of devastation across every inch of a person’s life. Especially when a person abuses prescription pain medications, such as oxycodone, the ramifications can be great. Typically prescribed to alleviate moderate to severe or chronic pain, oxycodone is highly addictive medication that, when abused, can trap a person in the vicious of addiction. At Life Center of Galax, we know the obstacles that are often faced by those trying to overcome an addiction to oxycodone and offer specialized programming options in order to help these individuals regain control of their lives. We want to help these individuals realize their capacity to made positive strides in their lives and come to understand an existence that does not involve the abuse of this dangerous habit-forming medication.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a loved one or family member get oxycodone abuse treatment

Witnessing a close friend or family member battling an addiction to oxycodone can trigger a myriad of feelings and emotions. You may be feeling fearful for your loved one when you think about his or her future when this type of addiction is present. You may feel angry that the person you care about has made his or her substance abuse such a priority in his or her life. You may even feel sad that oxycodone has caused such harm in the life of your loved one. Rest assured, however, there are some steps you can take to help your loved one get the care he or she needs to defeat this perilous addiction:

  • Confront your loved one about his or her addiction in an empathic way and convey to him or her that you are concerned
  • Offer to assist your loved one in researching oxycodone addiction centers and tell him or her that you will help find a provider that can cater to his or her specific needs
  • Once a rehab center for oxycodone abuse has been chosen, encourage your loved one to reach out to that provider to inquire about the admissions process and get answers to any questions that he or she may have
  • Ask your loved one if he or she would like you to go with him or her to any assessment or appointment that is scheduled
  • Should you attend your loved one’s initial assessment, feel free to ask about how you can be involved in your loved one’s care

Finally, it is a good idea to offer your unwavering support the entire time your loved one is in rehab for oxycodone abuse. When your loved one knows that he or she is supported, he or she will likely be encouraged to adhere to treatment recommendations and commit to a life of sobriety.

Why Consider Us?

Why consider oxycodone abuse treatment at Life Center of Galax in Virginia

An oxycodone addiction can render several harmful consequences for an individual if treatment at a reputable oxycodone addiction treatment center is not sought and received. Prolonged abuse of this prescription medication can interfere with the healthy functioning of one’s body and put a person at a heightened risk for overdose. Additionally, those who regularly abuse oxycodone are likely to experience financial difficulties as this type of addiction could make it hard to sustain employment. Increased conflict among close friends and family members could also become more frequent should an oxycodone addiction become apparent and impact others in the addict’s life. Finally, it is probable that a person who abuses this highly addictive pain medication will have interaction with the legal system should the methods by which he or she acquires this substance break the law. On the bright side, however, there are a number of effective treatment options that can reduce the risk of these adversities occurring; rehab options that can ultimately improve the lives of those wishing to overcome an addiction to oxycodone.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of oxycodone abuse treatment offered at Life Center of Galax

When looking for oxycodone addiction treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “rehab centers near me?” In Virginia, there is one clear choice. For over 40 years, the compassionate team of professionals at Life Center of Galax has provided treatment for chemical dependency issues and mental health concerns for men and women in Virginia. Known nationwide as a leading oxycodone addiction treatment center, Life Center of Galax strives to provide an environment of respect, support, and warm-hearted hospitality that is fully conducive to true and lasting healing. Our specialized programming has been developed to meet the unique, individualized needs of our patients and their families, and we take great pride in the comprehensive treatment that we are able to offer to everyone who is entrusted into our care.

Knowing that no two people are exactly alike, the knowledgeable staff at Life Center of Galax has created a strong tradition of delivering personalized oxycodone rehab that attends to the unique needs and circumstances of each patient. When patients come to us struggling with oxycodone abuse, our highly-trained and qualified staff members will embrace the philosophy of client-directed, outcome-informed clinical work, which is founded on the belief that patients’ successes are based more on the relationships that they form with their treatment teams than on the type of therapeutic approaches that are used during the course of treatment itself. This is one of the theoretical foundations for the way that patients are treated at Life Center of Galax, and all employees are trained in this philosophy in order to ensure that everyone who comes through our doors feels welcomed, important, and truly cared about.

As Virginia’s premier oxycodone treatment center, the following are among the various treatment methods included in the adult addiction residential treatment program at Life Center of Galax:

Medical detoxificationLife Center of Galax offers sub-acute medical detoxification services for patients who are in need of a safe and effective way to withdraw from any substances that may be present in their bodies, including oxycodone. This medical detox occurs under the supervision of an ASAM-certified medical director and registered nurses are on staff and available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medication management: Patients who are referred by our medical director or therapist for psychiatric assessment and treatment may also receive medication management services when deemed clinically appropriate. Medication is managed by nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants, under the direction and supervision of our psychiatrist. Those receiving medication management services will likely receive additional support through our counselor-led dual diagnosis groups each week.

Individual therapy: Life Center patients participate in individual therapy sessions as deemed necessary by the clinical and medical teams. These sessions occur in a confidential, one-to-one setting and give patients the opportunity to discuss their progress (or setbacks) in treatment, address any concerns they have about the treatment process, and address any issues or emotions that have arisen during the course of treatment.

Group therapy: Group therapy is cornerstone to the therapeutic process at Life Center of Galax. The adult addiction residential rehab program for oxycodone abuse features a variety of group therapy opportunities, which provide structured and supervised environments in which patients can interact with, learn from, and share personal experiences with others who are dealing with similar struggles. The types of groups offered may include the following:

  • Relapse Group
  • Thunder Alley
  • Men’s and Women’s Recovery Groups
  • Men’s and Women’s Flex Groups
  • Daily Reflections
  • Start Up Group
  • Community Group
  • Home Group
  • Lectures (didactic presentations on various aspects of addiction)
  • Dual Group

Family workshops: Family members can be integral parts of successful long-term recovery. To support family members as they both work through their own issues and prepare to support their loved one, Life Center holds family workshops every weekend. These workshops include a variety of educational and therapeutic opportunities related to the impact of substance abuse on the entire family, including lectures, group sessions, and individual counseling.

Additionally, Life Center of Galax offers the following innovative services that can be incorporated into a patient’s programming during his or her time in oxycodone rehab. Each individual’s participation in these services is based on his or her unique, individualized needs and are designed to be a beneficial component to the holistic care we offer. These services include the following:

Comprehensive opiate recovery: Individuals who are dealing with opiate abuse or addiction will participate in our opiate addiction recovery service, which can take them from detox to abstinence and then into a medication-managed recovery program using methadone, buprenorphine, or Vivitrol.

Spirituality-based treatment: To meet the needs of patients who desire a strong spiritual component in their recovery, Life Center of Galax offers both the Prodigal Program and the Mind-Body-Spirit Group. The Prodigal Program is a Christian-focused experience that incorporates Biblical principles into treatment. The Mind-Body-Spirit group is a nondenominational experience that focuses on spiritual elements within the 12-step recovery model.

Dual diagnosis service: This service was created to provide specialized assistance to individuals who are simultaneously battling substance abuse concerns and co-existing psychiatric problems. When a patient’s mental health has been identified as negatively interfering with his or her ability to be successful in recovery, this service will provide him or her with additional counseling, specialized group sessions, educational opportunities, and workbook activities that are designed to enhance his or her ability to cope with the presence of a dual diagnosis.

DUI/DWI service: Individuals, in Virginia, who are facing legal charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol or another drug may benefit from our DUI/DWI service, which features comprehensive medical and psychological assessments; education on the disease of addiction, counseling (both individual and group), and an introduction to the 12-step recovery model. Also, with the patient’s permission, we can provide documentation of program completion to counselors, attorneys, and the court system, as deemed appropriate or if requested.

Chronic relapse prevention service: When a patient has engaged in one or more prior treatment experience, he or she may be referred to this intensive programming option, of which incorporates educational lectures, journaling exercises, additional group sessions, and workbook activities. These interventions are designed to help prevent future relapse.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of oxycodone abuse treatment

Galax is your choice for oxycodone addiction treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best rehab near me? At Life Center of Galax, we know that residential rehab for oxycodone abuse is just the first step on the path of lifelong recovery. In order to ensure that all patients are prepared to build upon their progress when they complete treatment at our center, we place a strong emphasis on continuing care.

Discharge planning begins with the meeting that a patient has with his or her primary counselor and is then finalized at least three days prior to his or her discharge.

For patients who have completed residential programming and are ready to return home, yet would benefit from the intensive structure of a day-long therapeutic program, Life Center of Galax offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP). The services and groups that patients engage in during PHP are determined on an as-needed basis and are outlined in each patient’s individualized treatment plan. Patients taking part in PHP have the option of returning home at night or of residing in the onsite housing provided by Life Center.

From the moment a patient walks through our doors for the first time, the goal of Life Center of Galax is to be a source of lasting and positive change and to provide the comprehensive care and compassionate support that will allow struggling individuals to overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from achieving long-term recovery and living happier and healthier lives.

Everyone at Galax was so helpful! They worked with me and my family to understand the extent of my oxycodone abuse.

– Emily
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