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Life Center of Galax helps individuals struggling with oxycodone abuse build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in Virginia, Life Center of Galax will help you start your recovery journey with detoxification and transition to residential rehabilitation.

Oxycodone Detox

The importance of oxycodone detox

Oxycodone is a powerful semi-synthetic opioid that is most commonly employed to treat individuals who are suffering from moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone is the active ingredient in the prescription medication OxyContin, and is also present in several other prescription drugs. As is the case with other opioids, oxycodone alleviates physical pain while also eliciting a sense of serene relaxation.

When used as directed by a qualified healthcare provider, oxycodone can have a significantly positive impact on an individual’s quality of life. However, when a person uses oxycodone in a manner that is contrary to the directions of the prescribing physician, or when an individual abuses oxycodone for a recreational high, he or she runs the risk of a myriad of negative outcomes, including addiction.

Addiction to oxycodone, which is known clinically as an opioid use disorder, can be a devastating experience. Individuals who become dependent upon oxycodone will lose the ability to exert control over the amount of the drug that they abuse, as well as the frequency with which they abuse it. Oxycodone addiction will also cause a person to prioritize the acquisition and abuse of the drug over his or her personal and/or occupational responsibilities.

Unfortunately, overcoming an addiction to oxycodone can be an extremely difficult proposition, especially if one attempts to end one’s use of it without the benefit of a professional oxycodone treatment center or detox program. Once a person’s body has become dependent upon oxycodone, he or she can experience significant physical and psychological distress when he or she stops or greatly reduces his or her oxycodone use. This distressing experience is known as oxycodone withdrawal.

Understanding Withdrawal

Understanding oxycodone withdrawal

Oxycodone withdrawal can vary from person to person depending upon a variety of factors, but the following are among the more common symptoms that a person can expect to experience:

  • Powerful cravings for oxycodone
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Watery eyes and runny nose
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Muscle pain, twitches, and tremors
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Sleep disruption

In addition to having to endure considerable distress, individuals who attempt to withdraw from oxycodone without professional help, from a reputable addiction treatment center, also have to demonstrate powerful self-control, as they know that their pain can be immediately alleviated simply by ingesting oxycodone. Since these symptoms can last for several days, it can be virtually impossible to maintain the physical and mental strength that a person needs to resist these powerful urges.

Detoxification, or detox, is a safe and closely monitored process through which a person can rid his or her body of oxycodone prior to entering residential or outpatient treatment.

When a person enters the detox program at Life Center of Galax, he or she benefits from being cared for by experienced professionals who are familiar with all aspects of the withdrawal experience and who are prepared to provide the medical and therapeutic support that can alleviate distress, increase comfort, and maintain safety throughout the process.

Benefits of Oxycodone Detox

Benefits of detoxing from oxycodone at Life Center of Galax in Virginia

Participating in detoxification at Life Center of Galax, in Virginia, offers a wealth of benefits, including the following:

  • Peace of mind – When a person enters detox at Life Center of Galax, he or she no longer needs to fear the unknown or worry about whether he or she will have the strength to endure withdrawal alone.
  • Safety – Our detox professionals are dedicated to ensuring that all who complete our detox program are safe throughout the entire experience. The health and wellbeing of all who heal with us are our top priorities.
  • Comfort – When an individual is completing oxycodone detox at Life Center of Galax, our professionals may be able to prescribe certain safe medications that will alleviate discomfort, while not putting the individual at risk for dependence.
  • Continuity of care – When an individual successfully completes our detox program for oxycodone at Life Center of Galax, he or she can transition directly into the next phase of care, which eliminates risk of relapse and ensures a continuous, positive, treatment experience.

The many advantages of completing oxycodone detoxification at Life Center of Galax do not end when the individual is discharged from the detox program. The following are just three of the many long-term benefits of completing detox with us:

  • Success – As noted in the first section of this page, failure in withdrawal can undermine an individual’s later efforts to overcome oxycodone addiction. Conversely, starting with a successful detox experience can help an individual to develop the positive mindset that can be an essential component of long-term recovery.
  • Health – Detox is not only about ridding one’s body of a poison. It is also a positive experience that nurtures an individual’s initial steps toward improved mental and physical health. As a person begins to heal in body and mind during detox, he or she develops the strength that will serve him or her well throughout his or her recovery journey.
  • Community – For many people, detox is their first treatment experience at an addiction treatment center. In addition to introducing individuals to the professionals, strategies, and techniques that are important to recovery, detox can also connect men and women with the vibrant and dynamic community of others who are in recovery. Understanding that a person is not alone, and that he or she has the love and support of a global community of others who are overcoming similar obstacles, can be a life-changing, or even life-saving, realization.

To learn more about our oxycodone detox program, other treatment options for individuals who are struggling with oxycodone addiction, or any other aspects of our addiction treatment center, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you decide if Life Center of Galax in Virginia is the ideal place for you or a loved one.

Everyone at Galax was so helpful! They worked with me and my family to understand the extent of my oxycodone abuse.

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